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My Work

Professional Summary

I always wanted to use my skills to serve the larger community. This passion for dedicating my skills to support others led me to move to Tegucigalpa, Honduras to work in international health and economic development with Global Brigades to use my degree in Languages, Literature, and Cultures and learn about different cultures first hand. It was here that I learned about evaluation through an opportunity to join the Monitoring & Evaluation team on a project with the Community Health Worker program. I collected, entered, cleaned, analyzed data, and presented the findings, and I loved it! This was my real first experience in facilitating a data-driven decision by sharing the story of the data, and I knew I wanted to find a way to make a career out of this. Imagine my surprise and excitement when I learned that evaluation is an entire profession!

I officially joined the Monitoring & Evaluation team shortly after and have since moved through various roles to today where I am the Impact & Evaluation Manager. I received a Masters in Measurement & Evaluation from American University, where I refined my technical skills as an evaluator. I am known for simplifying complex concepts and data and making them easy to understand by all stakeholders. I like to think this is from having entered evaluation as an "accidental evaluator," but I know this is also from the dedication I have continuously shown to learning as much as possible about the ever-evolving field of evaluation. Before I found my love for evaluation, my passion was always in health. I was excited to join CareFirst as a Program Evaluation Specialist in 2020 and had the opportunity to grow as a Data Scientist supporting clinical program evaluation. At CareFirst, I found a passion for Care Management, so I was excited to find a role at Wellframe as a Data Analyst.


I am passionate about engaging with others in the evaluation community at large. I am the current Chair for the Graduate Students and New Evaluators Topical Interest Group of the American Evaluation Association after serving as the Communications Chair. I joined the AEA Communications Task Force in 2022 as well. I believe evaluation must be approached in a culturally responsive and equitable way and presented a paper on culturally responsive and equitable evaluation in international development at CREA 2020.

I am eager to continue learning and growing as an evaluator and serving my community both through my work and personal volunteering through my service as the Vice President III, Philanthropy and Service for the Zeta Tau Alpha Baltimore City Alumnae Chapter.  


Evaluate Clinical Programs to Demonstrate Effectiveness

I work with stakeholders representing internal and external clinical programs to develop and execute evaluation plans and present findings to organizational leadership. Techniques commonly include Return on Investment (ROI), economic modeling, pre/post analyses, and other work with an emphasis on quantitative statistical methods.

Design and Lead Evaluations Across Various Contexts 

My evaluation work included selecting, designing, and leading needs assessments, formative evaluations, process evaluations, summative evaluations, impact evaluations, and more. These evaluations included a combined 10+ countries across North America, Western Africa, and Europe with fieldwork and electronic data collection, in-person and virtual. While each evaluation was different, I strove for a mixed-methods and participatory approach when feasible. 

Conduct Monitoring & Evaluation Team Capacity Building

I worked with the local M&E teams in Central America, Western Africa, and Europe to grow and refine their skills. I built a virtual training site for on-demand M&E Training, provided hands-on training including capacity building with needed skills such as qualitative interviewing, and promoted building a reflective, culturally responsive evaluation practice in international development through our work.

Increase Efficiencies through Electronic Data Collection tools

I created new versions of paper forms in the electronic data collection tool KoBo Toolbox. I trained the local teams on how to use the software on their smartphones, and in initial household surveys and data entry, there were time savings of over 70%. Skip logic and validation criteria built into the forms supported cleaner data collection than ever before. The results were so positive that tablets were purchased for the following year to continue to increase efficiencies.

Work Experience

2020 - 2022

Program Evaluation Specialist/Data Scientist, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

I worked with teams to measure and evaluate clinical program performance and outcomes using data science and program evaluation techniques.


Impact & Evaluation Manager, Global Brigades

I led monitoring, evaluation, and reporting for the Monitoring & Evaluation team across seven countries in Central America, Western Africa, and Europe.


Senior Monitoring & Evaluation Associate, Global Brigades

I managed evaluations including selection and focusing evaluation designs that are appropriate and relevant and ensuring timeliness and data quality.


Monitoring & Evaluation Associate, Global Brigades

I ensured proper documentation of program methodologies, internal and external reporting, and lead historical data input after the adoption of an international database.

Data Analyst, Wellframe

I work within the Program Management Office to use data to support improved customer success, process repeatability and scalability, and greater outcomes.

2022 - Present



American University

Master of Science, Measurement & Evaluation


Appalachian State University

Bachelor of Arts, Languages, Literature, and Cultures 

University Honors

Global Connections Certificate

Minors: Psychology, Medical Humanities


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Building an Equitable and Culturally Responsive Evaluation Practice in International Development

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Creating a Community Through Graphs

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Power and Participation in Evaluation through Reflection

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Community-Based Healthcare

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A Model for Refugee and Resettlement Assistance in North Carolina

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