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Simplifying complex data and concepts into actionable insights 

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Global Brigades Central America Retreat

I work with teams to make data-driven decisions

My passion for creating data-driven decisions led me to evaluation. I work to design the process to collect the data needed to inform program and policy decisions and report the findings to stakeholders at all levels. When I entered into evaluation, I was an "accidental evaluator." I have gone on to receive a Masters degree in the field and am passionate about breaking down complex data and topics so all stakeholders can be engaged participants in the evaluation process from the design phase to report delivery.

Former work includes designing and conducting formative, summative, process, and impact evaluations for large-scale clinical health programs, working directly with local M&E teams in three continents and seven countries, leading an international organization-wide M&E capacity-building initiative, transitioning data collection from paper forms to an electronic data collection tool to reduce data collection and entry time by more than 70%, managing a database with over 40,000 records, and more.

Interests & Passions

I am a motivated self-starter and am always exploring how I can continue to grow my skills and competencies. Some of my most recent interests and passions include: 

Capacity Building   Utilization Theory  Equity 
Mixed Methods  Disaggregated Data

Participatory Methods  Data Visualization 

Culturally Responsive Evaluation  Ethics

Social Determinants of Health 

Outcome Reporting  Data Analysis 

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